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Node-RED 3.x series release

Written by Marek Černocký, Friday 19 May 2023


After one year we have released the newest Node.js 18.x series and Node-RED 3.x series Router Apps and other Router Apps with Node-RED nodes.

A list of the upstream changes you can find in the official project changelogs and websites. We could mention here the following as interesting news in Node-RED 3: Work with the wires has been improved. You can now add the junction points to the wires or you can split it with link nodes by one command. On the flow area, under the right mouse button, you would find a new context menu with the operations related to the flow. And the debug window presents a path to a node after hovering over the node ID.

The wire junction
Splitting to links
Splitting to links
Context menu
The context menu
Context menu
The node path

A brand new Router App with nodes was published. It is BACnet with the nodes to integrate Advantech routers to Building Automation and Control network. With these nodes, the Advantech router can communicate with the BACnet devices.


BACnet nodes
The BACnet nodes

You have now better options to fit your Node-RED applications into the production environment with our new release. There are two new configuration options: Flow web-editor URL path and Dashboard UI URL path. instance, let's have an application built on the Node-RED Dashboard. When you disable the flow web editor, set the port to 80, set the Dashboard path to / and disable firmware http(s) service then your application will be accessible in a web browser easily only via the router IP (or domain name if you have set it). E.g. instead You can also set a different flow editor path in this case for easier development. Set it for example to /admin and you can use the flow editor and your set Dashboard application from the example together.

Of course, the related application notes have been updated too. If you are new to creating Node-RED flows, you may enjoy the new chapter with several Modbus examples (5.5).