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Irrigation and automation

Powering the future of agriculture ?

Hermisan designs, manufactures and manages highly advanced agricultural systems such as irrigation trains,  which allow a perfect distribution of irrigation and fertigation in the production of plants. All of these systems are managed through optimized software in a powerful PLC. VITRIKO, as a provider of telecommunications solutions worked with the Hermisan technology department in order to provide a secure communication system based on a VPN platform utilizing the very latest in industrial LTE-4G routers from Advantech Czech s.r.o. This system provides a comprehensive and dependable remote management  suite with a host of valuable features, including:

•    System alerts: providing warnings of power loss and temperature thresholds
•    Remote display of installation
•    Monitoring: allows for the remote monitoring of machine irrigation, 
    pumping stations and other vital system hardware
•    Activation and desactivation machines through digital inputs / outputs 
•    Data collection: connecting the user with voltage, temperature and other crucial information
•    Secure system access to data through a reliable VPN platform

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