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For vulnerability Disclosure we publish the following documents:

  • Release Notes of every software or firmware release contain a list of fixed security vulnerabilities.
  • Security Advisories are issued for vulnerabilities that require additional attention beyond software or firmware upgrade.
  • Vulnerability Digest is a continuously updated CVRF/XML file containing a summary of all relevant vulnerabilities. (For registered users only.)


Vulnerability Digest

Following the Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF) v1.1 we publish and continuously update XML files in the CVRF format, one for each product group. Each CVRF file contains a list of all relevant vulnerabilities and for each vulnerability a list of affected product versions. For more details see the Vulnerability Digest Format description.

The Vulnerability Digest can only be accessed by registered users that agreed with our Security Information Access Terms. To qualify, you need to sign the document, upload it via your Profile and get approved. Please contact us at for more information.