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ICR-OS is an operating system tailored for Advantech Cellular Routers. Based on Linux Kernel combines the simplicity of a web-based configuration with the flexibility of an open platform that allows the development of custom configuration scripts and RouterApps (software User Modules). More details on ICR-OS here

ICR-OS Screens

ICR-OS provides to the router operator a user-friendly web GUI interface for complete router configuration and displays selected communication parameters. A web GUI interface is logically segmented into categories that lead engineers to hit a required point in the shortest possible time.

Overview functionality of ICR-OS
Application DevelopmentOpen Linux, *Python, BASH, C/C++, *Node-RED, *Docker (planned)
Industrial Protocols and IoT*Modbus RTU/TCP gateway, *IEC 60870-5-101 to 104 gateway, *DF1, *DNP3, *MQTT, *LWM2M
Networking Features and ProtocolsDHCP, NAT/PAT, SSH, VRRP, PPPoE, SNMP, SMTP, Dynamic DNS client, DNS proxy, VLAN, QoS, *DMVPN, NTP Client/Server, *Routing protocols RIP, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, NHRP, Backup Routes, Port Forwarding, Host Port Routing, Ethernet Bridging, Load Balancing, IPv6 Dual Stack
SecurityHTTPS, SSH, SFTP, DMZ, Firewall (IP Filtering, MAC address filtering, Inbound and outbound Port filtering)
VPN Tunneling – OpenVPN, *EasyVPN, IPsec with IKEv1 and IKEv2, GRE, L2TP, PPTP
Authentication – RADIUS, TACACS+, *SCEP
Encryption – DES, 3DES, AES, RSA, MD5, SHA
Firmware ManagementAutomatic firmware updates – server, locally via LAN or remotely via WAN 
Over-the-Air cellular module firmware updates
Diagnostic/LogStatus – Signal Strength, Data Usage, Detailed Long Term Statistics
One CLICK report – Current Configuration, Factory Identification, Routing Table
Log – System Log, Reboot Log, Kernel Log 
Remote Diagnostics (via SSH)
Event EngineStartUp script & Up/Down script (Own rules based on Digital Inputs, Network Parameters, Data Usage, Timer, Power, Device Temperature)
Report Types: SMS, email, SNMP Trap
ConfigurationWeb server, SSH, Four configuration switchable profiles, Automatic configuration update from server, Backup & Restore configuration

*Functionality is available with installed Router App (User Module)

Check out ICR-OS released firmware versions for specific router models here
A complete overview of available functionalities is possible to find here.

Monitoring and Security

ICR-OS serves also as a gate for router integration into additional monitoring software platforms – WebAccess/DMP and R-SeeNet. Those platforms enhance router remote management and hardware/software monitoring while increasing significantly user comfort and stability in operated networks. Introduction to various remote monitoring protocols and tools that can be used for remote monitoring of Advantech cellular routers based on ICR-OS is available here.

As an all-time more important issue of cybersecurity, ICR-OS reflects this demand, and security experts describe guidelines for securing an Advantech cellular router and keeping it secure during installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. It includes best practices and tools recommendations – security guidelines available here.

Even a step beyond the router security guidelines goes PCI DSS Compliance Considerations for ICR-OS presenting guidance for configuration and assessment of Advantech cellular routers within the cardholder data environment for reaching the PCI DSS compliance.  

Another brick in a security design wall is the Advantech VPN management platform solution using ICR-OS capabilities providing safe interconnection of Advantech routers and LAN networks in the public Internet named WebAccess/VPN. The connection among devices and networks can be regional or global and can combine different technology platforms and various wireless, LTE, fixed, and satellite connectivity means.


RouterApps, Scripting, Development 

As said before ICR-OSoffers space for ready-to-use software RouterApps downloadable and administrable through web GUI that leaving the standard firmware core untouched and safe for smooth operation. Finished RouterApps can be freely downloaded from the Advantech website. They offer Modbus conversion, VPN modules, Node-RED nodes, Sleep mode configuration, IEC101 to IEC104 protocol conversion, dynamic protocol OSPF/BGP/RIP configuration options, Zabbix monitoring integration, and many more. This RouterApp concept represents a very lightweight and effective tailor-made solution for users designing and deploying their own applications.

Outside of RouterApps and standard router configuration, ICR-OS offers advanced options for configuration and scripting. Also developing RouterApps is allowed for experienced users and we provide step-by-step guidelines on that in our DevZone pages. Look through the tips and necessary descriptions at DevZone and give power to your creativity.