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Advantech Czech s.r.o.


The contacts given on this page are describing the Advantech Czech s.r.o. company. This company resides in Czech Republic (originally called Conel s.r.o.) and is now part of the Advantech family.

Czech Republic is situated in the middle of the European continent. A relatively small country (population roughly 10 millions) with no access to sea. Capital and also the biggest city is Prague and other big cities are Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava.

There are two offices in Czech Republic. The HQ is situated in Usti nad Orlici, a town in the middle of the railway corridor between Prague and Brno (the biggest cities), and comfortably accessible also from Olomouc. The travel time from Prague and Brno by train is roughly 1.5 hours. Travel time from Olomouc is roughly 1 hour.

The HQ hosts all departments. There is also a small office in Brno. That office hosts a portion of our SW development team.



Office in Usti nad Orlici    Office in Brno

Sokolska 71
562 04 Ustí nad Orlici
Czech Republic

IČ: 24148661
DIČ: CZ 24148661


Lidická 2006/26
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

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