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Conel OS 6.2.0 released

Written by Jan Svoboda, Monday 19 August 2019

Tired of waiting for 6.2.0 release? Well, the wait is over!

The Conel OS 6.2.0 is available for download.

Please note that the new version 6.2.0 sports a number of major changes, the biggest of them all being the new Linux kernel - 4.14.138.

The kernel change is significant and while we have done quite a number of tests, we decided to use the cautious release approach - the same we did for 6.0.0.

What does it mean? It means that the 6.2.0 is released as an update only version. In other words, you will be able to download 6.2.0 from our portal and upgrade your devices. On the other hand, manufacturing will stay on 6.1.10. In time, we would either deem 6.2.0 rock-stable and update manufacturing or keep manufacturing waiting for 6.2.1.

While you are encouraged to use 6.2.0 (it brings new features), please note that there are some important configuration changes in 6.2.0. Once you upgrade the router to 6.2.0, not all these configurations could be downgraded back to 6.1.10 easily so you should review the configuration once you decide to downgrade. Creating a configuration backup prior the upgrade to 6.2.0 is a wise thing to do.

Now what's in the mix:

  • Kernel upgrade.
  • Load balancing. Configuration is integrated in the usual Backup Routes configuration.
  • Wi-Fi: A new role called multi-role is now available for most of v3 routers Wi-Fi module. This allows the Wi-Fi module to operate as access point (AP) and station (STA) simultaneously.
  • Support for WiFi module in ICR-3200 router series was added.
  • Slight update of the web interface design was done (company logo, theme color and text margins).
  • Support of RADIUS authentication method (via PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)) for access to the router.
  • Serial hardware flow control settings was added to the GUI.
  • Due to security reasons, the FTP and Telnet services are now disabled by default on v2 (mirroring the v3 defaults).
  • Toolchain hardening was done - programs used in the firmware were built using techniques for securing them against some possible security attacks.
  • A certificate can now be uploaded directly via GUI in the PKCS#12 format.
  • Glibc was upgraded to version 2.30. Together with this, there are a number of other utilities upgraded.

For a full list, see Release Notes.

You can always find the latest firmware files available at All Latest Firmware Files and also directly linked to all appropriate Router Models.