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Written by Jan Otte, Tuesday 12 September 2017

User Modules are now available on Engineering Portal.

As you probably know, User Modules are kind of a unique way how the functionality of router devices running Conel OS can be extended.

Well, it is not that unique that you can extend functionality of your device. But it is not common that you have a range of UM ready. It is also not that common that you have a multi-language SDK with examples available so that you can create your own User Modules. Last but not the least, our services always included building User Modules exactly meeting our customer's needs.

We use the same mechanisms for building the User Modules as we give to our customers. Right now, all the required stuff is linked in the DevZone.

What is new is that all of the distributable User Modules are available in the new section called User Modules.

Please note the User Modules section is available only to the logged-in users.