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Written by Roman Peťura, Monday 6 May 2024


We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of the Event Notificator Router App, now with added SMS notification support. This Router App is an essential utility designed to enhance the management of network systems by facilitating the efficient transmission of notifications related to a variety of system events. Key events monitored include changes in system configuration, password updates, and unsuccessful login attempts. The inclusion of SMS notifications ensures that users can receive urgent updates directly on their mobile devices, providing a reliable method to maintain system security and integrity.

Notification Methods

  • Email: Notifications can be sent directly to specified email addresses, ensuring timely awareness of critical system events.
  • SNMP Traps: Utilizes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps to alert designated recipients about specific events, enhancing the integration with network management systems.
  • SMS Messages: With the introduction of version 2.1.0, the app now supports SMS notifications, providing an additional, reliable method to deliver urgent alerts directly to recipients' mobile devices.


This application is readily available for download and installation from the Router Apps page. Users are encouraged to utilize this app to maintain optimal awareness of system integrity and security.

For comprehensive guidance on configuring and using the Event Notificator Router App, please refer to the documentation provided on the link above or contact our support team for personalized assistance.