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ICR-OS 6.4.1 Firmware Release

Written by Roman Peťura, Monday 25 March 2024

A new version of ICR-OS, the proprietary firmware developed for Advantech routers has been released. This patch-level release is packed with security enhancements, functional improvements, and several key updates that elevate router performance and reliability.

Detailed Changelog

To dive into the specifics of what's new and improved, we highly recommend reviewing the Release Notes. They provide a thorough overview of the advancements and modifications introduced in this update.

Major Enhancements

  • WiFi Module Insights: The WiFi Status page now includes additional details about the WiFi module, enhancing transparency and control over wireless networking.
  • USB Port Management: For enhanced security, we've introduced the ability to disable the external USB port on ICR-4400 platforms.
  • Expanded Command Toolkit: The firmware now includes the less, net-snmptrap, and net-snmpinform commands, broadening the scope of device management and monitoring.
  • Updated Firmware Changelog: The changelog file has been renamed from version.txt to and converted to Markdown format, aligning with the Keep a Changelog guidelines.
  • Software Package Updates: Key updates to the dnsmasq and zlib software packages, ensuring up-to-date security and performance.
  • Additional Enhancements: This update also encompasses various fixes and improvements that refine the existing features of Advantech routers.

Important Note

Given the extensive updates introduced in the 6.4.0 firmware, we strongly recommend thorough testing before deploying the new firmware in live environments, especially when upgrading from version 6.3.x.


Download Now

Ready to upgrade? This firmware version is available for download on the Firmware page or the Router Models page. Additionally, with the new feature introduced in firmware 6.4.0, you can conveniently install the latest firmware directly through the router's GUI.

For model-specific firmware version details, please refer to the Firmware Compatibility Chart document.