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Written by Miloslav Bien, Wednesday 16 March 2022

Two new software Router Apps (User modules) have been released a few days ago. Let's go to look a little bit closer to them.
MQTT Manager is a Router App for controlling and monitoring Advantech routers via the MQTT protocol. It is possible to send through a specific MQTT message commands to perform specific actions – for example change binary output status on router. User can also track status of the router by subscribing to a specific topic etc.

PLMN WhitelistRouter App helps to set Priority of Public Land Mobile Network (mobile operator's cellular network). Each mobile operator in each country has a specific PLMN code that combines an MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code). Router App PLMN Whitelist allows the user to set preferred and forbidden PLMN´s/operators on SIM Card when router is operated on roaming. Useful feature, is that right?

Description and how to use Router Apps is possible to find in the Application Note available to every Router App. If you need to clarify specific Router App operation and settings then contact technical support at email