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June 2021 Short News

Written by Miloslav Bien, Tuesday 15 June 2021

Product News



► NTP – time synchronization RouterApp for NTP protocol version 4 released. Applied enhancement for NTNTPQ and NTPDC. Available for v2, v2i, v3, and v4 router platforms. Link.

► Node-RED OPC UA Node – one of the most important communication protocols for industrial automation is now supported on Advantech v3 and v4 router platforms. Link.

► Node-RED Bluetooth Node – Bluetooth support for v3 and v4 router platforms (just for devices having Bluetooth hardware onboard) now available as Node-RED nodes. Link.

► USR LED Managementuniversal RouterApp for USR LED control (LED programmable by user) on v2, v2i, v3, and v4 router platforms. Link.

► FRRouting (FRR)is an Internet routing protocol suite for Advantech routers. This UM includes protocol daemons for BGP, IS-IS, LDP, OSPF, PIM, and RIP. Link.

► Secure Syslogimplementation of an enhanced Syslog client (sender) that can forward Syslog messages to a server (receiver) over a secure TLS protocol as defined in RFC 5425. Link.

Product News





► New safety standard IEC 62368-1 released for all routers & gateways we produce in Advantech Czech IEC 62368-1 replaced outdated IEC 60950-1 standard.

► ANATEL certification for ICR-3232(W) finished beside the SmartFlex SR303 family ICR-3232(W) router is now certified/approved for operation in Brasil.

► New R-SeeNet 64 bit version released you can download and install R-SeeNet R-SeeNet 64 bit version from here link.