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Conel OS 6.2.4 released

Written by Jan Svoboda, Tuesday 28 April 2020

Another firmware version is out!

Being a patchlevel release it brings mainly a number of fixes. This includes security fixes for 4 critical, 3 high severity and 7 medium severity vulnerabilities.

A few highlight points from 6.2.4 (as always, you are welcome to check out the Release notes):

  • Fixed kernel crash triggered by communication through router having activated the bridge on WiFi and Ethernet interfaces
  • Fixed SIM Unlocking
  • On v3 platform: fixed performance on 3rd ethernet, fixed issue with VLANs
  • Added SHA384 support for IPsec and security restraints for FTP and Telnet
  • Added minimal TLS version configuration

For details regarding distributed firmware versions per particular router module have a look into Firmware Distribution Overview.

Last firmware version could always be found here.