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Conel OS 6.2.3 released

Written by Jan Otte, Thursday 13 February 2020

After a few months, another firmware version is out!

Being a patchlevel release it sports a number of fixes.

Before getting to the highlights, there is one thing to mention first.

Based on repeated requests from customers, we have decided to change the archive format for firmware files from tar to zip. The content of the archive file stays the same.

A few highlight points from 6.2.3 (as always, you are welcome to check out the Release notes):

  • Several fixes for WiFi.
  • Fix for restoring default settings when a UM changing a default setting is installed.
  • Some optimizations - PAM Radius and FTP server delay.
  • A few fixes in the cellular layer.

For details regarding distributed firmware versions per particular router module have a look into Firmware Distribution Overview.

Last firmware version could always be found here.