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Conel OS 6.2.2 released

Written by Jan Svoboda, Wednesday 18 December 2019

New version of firmware for our routers is available on Engineering Portal.

This is a maintenance release, it contains mainly fixes.

Being already the second update of 6.2.0 firmware, we started to use 6.2.2 firmware for manufacturing. (See our Firmware Distribution Overview.)

As usual, 6.2.2 brings a line of fixes and improvements on board. Just to point out some:

  • TACACS+ authentication support.
  • Added new commands (snmpget and snmpset).
  • Support of new cellular modules, APN fixes for NAM mobile networks.

For a full list, see Release Notes.

You can always find the latest firmware files available at All Latest Firmware Files and also directly linked to all appropriate Router Models.