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Conel OS 6.1.7 released

Written by Jan Otte, Monday 30 July 2018

New version of firmware for Advantech cellular routers has been released. The release was done for majority of models with usual exceptions (SL302, SR305 and Spectre v2 routers - please see firmware distribution overview).

As a patchlevel release it contains a number of bug fixes and also security fixes (most importantly the OpenSSL library update). Also the stability of v3 routers under very high loads has been improved.

Apart the fixes, the release contains some small improvement, like additional iptables firewall module, RTC backup battery status in UI (and SNMP), re-addition of FTP/Telnet services (disables by default), restriction of the reboot SMS and several other things.

For a full list of changes, please see the release notes.