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Life Cycle: production

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High Speed Wired Router & Powerfull Edge Computing Gateway

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Technical description

The ICR-4401 is a High-Speed Wired Router & Powerful Edge Computing Gateway. This router is an ideal solution for critical industrial systems and IIoT. It serves well also for the connection of traffic and security camera systems, individual computers, LAN networks, and various self-service terminals. 

The new router platform “v4” provides intelligence at the network edge with an extremely powerful Cortex A72 CPU at 1200 MHz, 4 GB eMMC memory, 4 MB flash memory, and 1024 MB RAM. The focus on high security underlines using TPM 2.0, and Tamper Button ensures safe use in critical infrastructure systems. The ICR-4401 is powered by the IC-ROS Linux operating system that provides a wide range of enhanced networking features. A secure Web interface allows users to configure and manage routers from remote locations.

The router supports multiple configuration profiles, automatic firmware updates, etc. The router can be used as a powerful EDGE computing gateway because of the support of many ways of software customization. Users may insert Linux scripts and add new features by additional applications called Router Apps (User Modules).

There is an existing free library of Router Apps or the user may create own app using Advantech SDK. The gateway can easily run applications like Node-RED or Docker that open the way to a multi-container world.

The ICR-4401 is designed and manufactured for use in tough environmental conditions. Specifications include a wide operating temperature ranges from -40 to +75 °C. It accepts input voltage range from 9 V DC to 48 V DC and is equipped with sleep mode for reducing electrical consumption. 

As a standard, ICR-4401 is equipped with five Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps (1× independent and 4× switch), SFP cage (independent port), one USB host 2.0, microSD reader, serial lines RS232 and RS485, CAN Bus, two binary inputs, and two binary outputs. ICR-4401 has two mPCIe connectors that can be used for two WiFi modules. The router is supplied in a robust metal casing for a wall mount (DIN mount is optional). ICR-4401 is easy to manage using WebAccess/DMP, full-featured cloud-based management, provisioning, and monitoring tool for mass deployment. The WebAccess/VPN is a perfect way how to create secure virtual private networks on the Internet.

Documents to download

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Hardware Manual | Subscribe to notification

ICR-4401_Hardware_Manual_20240307.pdf | 3 MB | 10.04.2024

Configuration Manual | Subscribe to notification

v4_Configuration_Manual_20240327.pdf | 6 MB | 28.03.2024