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Written by Miloslav Bien, Tuesday 14 February 2023

Everything starts and ends up in some time. Now the time comes for the replacement of the routers that have been part of our portfolio for a long time. However, they are at the end of the lifecycle caused by outdated components or a combination of outdated components.  

The new products that are recommended as replacements are based on up-to-date long-life cycle components and provide great options for customer applications. We believe they are to be at least as successful as their predecessors. Take a look at EOL products and their replacements specifically below.

SmartFlex SR303 router EMEA model (EOL) is to be replaced by the router model SR304 which is HW/SW equivalent to SR303 but based on a newer EMEA LTE Cat. 4 module. Last Time Buy (LTB) for model SR303 is set to 30.6.2023. Orders for SR304 can be processed immediately. For details on a new model SR304 click here.

SmartFlex SR307 router for LTE 450MHz Band model (EOL) is to be replaced by the router model ICR-2437. Last Time Buy (LTB) for model SR307 is set to 30.6.2023. Orders for ICR-2437 can be processed immediately. ICR-2437 differs in form factor from SR307 so there is recommended to visit the router model website to check details – for details on a new model ICR-2437 click here.

SmartFlex Image