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Written by Miloslav Bien, Monday 20 June 2022

Really happy to share with you the enhanced successors of Advantech´s v2 router platform coming out this week. The new releases cover cellular routers ICR-2734 as fully compatible LR77 v2 Libratum successor and ICR-2834 providing most of the advanced features of LR77 Basic/Full routers.
We also cannot forget the LAN version ICR-2701 benefitting from the wide popularity of XR5i v2E/Full routers.

ICR-2700 ICR-2800

Ruggedized for industrial use the routers above keep the same dimensions, configuration possibilities, and full operating system compatibility with Advantech cellular routers including support of software platforms WebAccess/VPN and WebAccess/DMP.  Based on the model number routers offer reliable connection via Ethernet 10/100 ports, serial lines RS232/RS485, USB 2.0, GNSS, and I/O reading on-board. For customer applications, there is available an enormous 1.3 GB of eMMC memory or sleep mode support turning those industrial routers into really versatile IoT gateways

Routers running on a well-proven ICR-OS operation system as a key software component provide access to the large set of features in the table below:


Just add that many interesting features are available as the Router App for free upload on the router by the user itself (for example Modbus RTU/TCP gateway, IEC101/104 convertor, or DNP3 and MQTT, etc. support). Check out our complete Router App library here.

For closer information on features, manuals, and certifications please visit ICR-2734, ICR-2834, and ICR-2701 web pages.