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ICR-OS 6.4.0 Firmware Release

Written by Roman Peťura, Saturday 24 February 2024

Latest Release Overview

Advantech is thrilled to unveil a new version of ICR-OS, the proprietary firmware developed for Advantech routers. This update heralds a host of new features and enhancements designed to bolster the functionality and security of our routers.

Detailed Changelog

For a comprehensive understanding of the advancements and modifications, we recommend consulting the Release Notes.

Major Enhancements

  1. Linux Kernel Update: Upgraded to version 6.1 to incorporate critical updates and essential modifications.
  2. Router Apps Online Installation:A groundbreaking addition that simplifies the process of installing Router Apps directly onto the device.
  3. WiFi Scan Display Improvements: Enhanced display clarity and simplified WiFi station connection process.
  4. Online Firmware Update: Facilitates direct online firmware updates.
  5. Passwordless Console Login:Enables SSH login to the router without a password, utilizing SSH public keys.
  6. OpenVPN Upgrade: Updated to version 2.6.6, offering improvements in security, performance, and features. Refer to the warning message below.
  7. OpenSSL Upgrade: Updated to version 3.0, refer to the warning message below.
  8. CPU & Memory Usage Information: Real-time CPU and memory usage stats are now visible on the router's web interface.
  9. WiFi AP Radio Settings Adjustment: Allows the WiFi AP to align its radio settings with the connected foreign AP.
  10. SIP ALG Support: Implements support for SIP Application-Layer Gateway.
  11. Additional Improvements: Includes numerous fixes and enhancements to augment existing features.
  12. Security Fixes and Updates: Security vulnerabilities have been fixed and software components have been updated for enhanced security.

Important Notes

Please be aware that this firmware version is not intended for mass production. Given the substantial changes introduced, comprehensive testing of the new firmware is strongly recommended before its deployment in a production environment.


Compatibility issues between OpenVPN versions 2.6 and 2.4, as well as OpenSSL versions 1.1 and 3.0, should be noted. Certain features in OpenVPN 2.6 are deprecated and slated for removal in future releases, potentially leading to compatibility challenges. Users are encouraged to steer clear of these deprecated features. For further details and advice, consult the Configuration Manual.