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ICR-OS 6.3.9 Released

Written by Roman Peťura, Thursday 5 January 2023

A new version of ICR-OS (Conel OS), firmware for the Advantech routers, was released. The reason for releasing so soon, after the previous version, was to fix the SNMP reading of mobile interface data. Because of this issue, incorrect data may be reported when reading the mobile data using SNMP, possibly in the R-SeeNet system, for firmware version 6.3.8.

The following changes are included in this firmware release:

  • Fixed the reading of mobile SNMP data, affecting data reported in the R-SeeNet system.
  • Fixed IPsec tunnel termination.
  • The VRRP service now runs in unprivileged mode.
  • Security fixes for Linux kernel, OpenSSL, BusyBox, and Net-SNMP software.

You can check out the Release Notes for the detailed changelog. Also, look into the Firmware Distribution Overview document for details about the distributed firmware versions per particular router.

The latest firmware version is available on the Firmware or Router Models pages.