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ICR-OS 6.3.4 Released

Written by Roman Peťura, Friday 11 February 2022

A new version of ICR-OS (Conel OS), firmware for the Advantech routers, is out!

A patch-level release mainly brings many security fixes, improvements, and updates. You are welcome to check out the Release Notes for the detailed changelog.

A few highlighted points from the changelog:

  • IPsec Configuration Enhancement.

  • OpenVPN Configuration Enhancement.

  • Support of two-factor authentication, see the Configuration Manual of your router, chapter Administration -> Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Support for setting the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) for the Ethernet interfaces.

  • Fixed a few Linux kernel vulnerabilities.

  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements have been applied.

  • wpa_supplicant, hostapd, libnl, ppp, and strongSwan software have been updated to fix severity vulnerabilities.

  • Other security fixes.

Look into the Firmware Distribution Overview document for details about the distributed firmware versions per particular router.

The latest firmware version is available on the Firmware page or the Router Models pages.