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Conel OS 6.1.9 Released

Written by Petr Hanuš, Thursday 25 April 2019

New version of firmware for our routers is available on Engineering Portal.

Except the SR305 and SL302 which are destined for NAM market and thus a firmware change is a subject of certification, the 6.1.9 is the default firmware for majority of router models. The NAM market models mentioned above can obtain the firmware via manual upgrade from EP if needed. Details of default FW versions can be found in the Firmware Distribution overview document.

It for sure contains usual load of fixes and security updates, but next to that, there are a few improvements as well. To name a few interesting ones:

  • Added new programs - nohup (supplemental command that tells the system not to stop another command once it has started), report (creating of report from the command line) and umupdate (adding or deleting of a user module from the command line).
  • Port ranges can now be set in Firewall and NAT configuration pages instead of one static port.
  • Configurable timeout for checking of connection on MWAN interface.
  • Modified SIM card switching mechanism - In case that a “modem hangup“ state is detected on the cellular module and if the mobile connection is up for at least one hour, do not switch to another SIM card even if item Switch to other SIM card when connection fails on Mobile WAN configurationpage is enabled. Note that if the mobile connection really fails (e.g. signal lost), it produces a different state than “modem hangup“ so regular backup rules adn switching applies.

For more detailed description and also for a full list of changes, please see the Release Notes

You can always find the latest firmware files available at All Latest Firmware Files and also directly linked to all appropriate Router Models.