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Conel OS 6.1.8 Released

Written by Petr Hanuš, Friday 9 November 2018

After some delay, a new version of OS for our routers has been released. The version is marked as 6.1.8 and it will be either the last or one of the last ones before 6.2.0 hits public (note that 6.2.0 is already in beta as announced in the 6.2.0-beta article)

While only the patchelevel version number has increased, the release is not a pure patchlevel release.

It for sure contains usual load of fixes and security updates, but next to that, there are a few improvements as well. To name a few interesting ones:

  • Easy import of custom certificate for the HTTPS service including an option to re-generate a certificate (under Services -> HTTP). On this place I must point out that you should make sure the certificate validity period covers all possible cases (e.g. is valid  since 1980 in case of RTC reset).
  • Some of the user actions (log in, log out, UM install and removal and also a configuration change done via the web UI) are now logged in the system log.
  • Since November 2018 an information called product type is stored during manufacturing of a router into the router's environment. Starting with 6.1.8 it is possible to show this information via the status command and it is also present in the Report file. Note that at this particular moment, none of the routers in field is having the information stored in the environment so you will not see it until you try this on one of the new routers.

For more detailed description and also for a full list of changes, please see the Release Notes

Details of default OS version for manufacturing of particular router model can be found in the Firmware Distribution overview document.

You can always find the latest firmware files available at All Latest Firmware Files and also directly linked to all appropriate Router Models.