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Conel OS 6.1.5 also for SR305 and SL302

Written by Petr Hanuš, Monday 29 January 2018

As you know, Conel OS 6.1.5 was released before Christmas with a few usual exceptions (SmartFlex SR305, SmartStart SL302, SPECTRE v2). Now, this firmware is also released for SmartFlex SR305 and SmartStart SL302 routers designed for the North American market.

Pointing out a few notable changes:

  • Fixes for multiple Wifi vulnerabilies (KRACK and other CVEs).
  • All sensitive information in the text dialogs like passwords and pre-shared keys is now not visible in the UI so nobody looking over the shoulder is able to spot passwords.
  • IPSEC fixes - improved stability plus compatibility with Checkpoint VPN when IKEv2 is used.
  • Emergency reboot procedure was added when unrecoverable state of router is detected - it is able of doing a soft reboot before the regular watchdog jumps in with a hard reboot.
  • New protocols are selectable in firewall configuration - GRE and ESP.
  • Smaller fixes and other security-related fixes. For a complete list, see release notes.

You can find all the firmware files including release notes on SR305 and SL302 product pages.