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New Router Apps

Written by Miloslav Bien, Friday 30 October 2020

We are pleased to announce that User Modules for cellular routers are newly called Router Apps. Advantech Router Apps are now available for download at Engineering Portal.

Router Apps add extended functions to Advantech Cellular Routers,with each app tailored to a specific solution. We benefit from extensive skills gained through implementing an array of SW features into a variety of devices over the past years. We categorized all Router Apps (IIoT, Industrial Protocol Conversion, Networking, Programming, Security, Tools, Node-Red). Follow the link.

New Router Apps
802.1X AuthenticatorStarts hostapd on selected ethernet ports and blocks all traffic, except the MAC addresses that get authenticated via the 802.1X protocol.
Azure IoT SDK Python3 API Version 2Allows Advantech routers to connect to Azure IoT (Microsoft’s end-to-end IoT platform).
Backup APNAllow users to specify at least Primary and Backup APN for the first SIM card and switch between them in case that connection failed or connection is not established in specified time.
Customer logoThis Router App allows the user to change the logo displayed in the header of the web interface.
DHCP based on MAC OUIAllows only OUI in MAC field in router's DHCP configuration.
LUASupports scripting language that combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.
Modbus to LwM2MProvides seamless communication between Modbus/TCP devices and LwM2M device.
Modbus to MQTTProvides seamless communication between Modbus/TCP devices and MQTT device.
NATExtends NAT configuration options by SNAT (Source NAT) and DNAT (Destination NAT). There is 32 + 32 NAT rules.
NetFlow/IPFIXThe NetFlow/IPFIX is determined for monitoring network traffic. NetFlow enabled routers have a probe that collects IP traffic information and submits it to a NetFlow collector and analyzer.
NTPTime synchronization using NTP version 4 protocol. The module includes support for client and server operations as detailed in IETF RFC 5905.
SambaWindows Share (samba) on the Router for directory /var/data/samba. It also supports NetBIOS nameserver.
Update of  RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-ISUpdate of mentioned Router Apps
USB over IP EltimaIntegrates Eltima libraries into USB over Ethernet solution.
Zabbix agentSW agent for Advantech routers to support Zabbix network monitoring platform.
Planned Router Apps:
DHCP RelayDHCP Relay Agent


Description and how to use Router Apps is possible to find in the Application Note available to every Router App. If you need to clarify specific Router App operation and settings than contact technical support at email