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Available Router Apps for category 3rd Party

For firmware version 6.4.0 and up.

There is currently no router app available in this category.

For firmware version below 6.4.0.

Bondix S.A.NE Enterprise

Categories:ToolConnectivity3rd Party
Release date:

With Bondix S.A.NE Enterprise Router App, two or more WAN connections can be aggregated to achieve higher bandwidth as well as higher availability.
The Bondix S.A.NE Enterprise uses bonding technology to optimize the speed and latency overall connections.

Downloads:  V2V3V4V2i

Scailable AI Manager

Categories:Tool3rd Party
Release date:

The Scailable AI Manager Router Apps turns your gateway into a state of the art Artificial Intelligence device. Connect up to 4 cameras to your gateway, and start benefiting from edge AI today. With our extended model library, you can use your gateway to accurately locate people, monitor occupancy of your parking-lot, do entrance control, and much more. And if that’s not enough, you can add your own AI models effortlessly.

Downloads:  V3V4