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Quick overview of "Routers", "Gateways" and ICR-OS

There are a few types of products in the portfolio being manufactured by the Advantech Czech s.r.o. company. Because we do fall under the brand Advantech, let's refer to our R&D group as Advantech CZ in the text below.

Advantech CZ is responsible for:

  • Developing of HW for Cellular Routers (sometimes also referred to as Cellular Gateways or also simply as Routers because there are also some non-cellular models produced)
  • Developing ICR-OS operating system for the Routers.

These pages are primarily meant as an information source for software-related problematics of the devices. Therefore you can find here information about ICR-OS, which also includes all information related to the basic OS components - boot loader and kernel. Next to that, we also present information how to use the devices running ICR-OS to a full extent and also how to use the SDK to further extend device functionality.

As for the ICR-OS, that is a custom-built operating system based on Linux. It uses a big deal of open-source components (described later) and also a significant amount of proprietary SW components.