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Written by Miloslav Bien, Friday 20 May 2022

ICR-2400 ICR-2600 Image











We are glad to share the information that we have boosted ICR-2400 and ICR-2600 cellular router lines for the new guys recently. Entry-level 4G cellular router platform now covers by beside standard 4G bands also LTE 450 MHz, Private LTE bands or LPWA communication on LTE Cat-M and NB/IoT frequencies.  See the list of newcomers below.

  • ICR-2412 - Router for LPWA communication Cat-M/Cat-NB/GPRS/EDGE
  • ICR-2432 - Router using LTE Cat.4 with 3G/2G fallback for LATAM
  • ICR-2436 - Router with Private LTE support and with 3G fallback
  • ICR-2437 - Router using LTE Cat.4 with 450 MHz
  • ICR-2631 - Router using LTE Cat.4 with 3G/2G fallback

All routers the new routers have 2 Ethernet ports except ICR-2631 where you can find 4 Ethernet ports available for connection. All routers have also RS232/RS485serial line and digital I/O connectivity (1x DI, 1x DO) in standard.